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A Portrait Session with Scott Taylor from JellyBean Creations

Things to know about your Portrait Session with JellyBean Creations https://www.jellybeancreations.co.uk/portraits

If you are looking to book a Portrait session with JellyBean Creations, thanks in advance, we try to have a meeting pre-shoot so that we can go through a few questions and requirements.

We do this to make the shoot on the day more relaxing and it also helps with nerves and helps to get into the required atmosphere for the shoot as it may be a Business shoot or a Family portrait session or even a Boudoir session. 

So lets kick off with a few questions that we get asked or we normally discuss in the meeting.

  • Clothing
  • Make up / Hair Stylist
  • Backgrounds
  • Studio or On Location
  • What will I receive after the shoot?


This is a very popular question we get asked ‘What clothes should I bring/wear ?’ my response is firstly wear something you feel comfortable in as this will help you relax more for the shoot, secondly we ask what is the shoot for ? is it a gift for a friend, a special gift for a loved one, a celebration, birthday, milestone etc as all these choices will start to shape the answer. I would also ask what type of background the client is looking for as this will normally raise a flag for me to recommend that the clothes arent the same colour or shade, just so that the subject doesn’t blend into the background.¬†

Make up / Hair Stylist

I sometimes get asked if we provide a Make up / Hair Stylist for the shoot, this is a good question as the client is then getting into the shoot and they have a look they are looking for and this is good for a photographer to hear, but we do not provide these in the package and this is for a good reason, everyone is different and have their own looks and styles and preferences and for this very reason we say you are welcome to bring someone along and we can provide space for them to work in.


Following on from the clothing category the background is an interesting topic as if the shoot is for a maternity shoot or family portrait you want very minimal and white or light grey is normally the best for this as there is no distraction, however on the other hand id the client is looking for a ‘scene’ they want to be photographed in then this opens up conversation to the next topic.

Studio or On Location shoots ?

Generally if the client comes to us and wants a natural scene shoot we would offer a shoot on location, this is normally subjective to season, weather etc. This can be more work to arrange as there is questions about the can the location be used for photographing etc and also on location lighting is also very different to studio as its possible but you need to be creative and mix the use of ambient light (sun, clouds etc) along with flash.On the other hand there is studio shoots where you would have a creative background, these can be purchased or made and this gives the photographer and the client the option to do a scenic shoot indoors all year round.

What will I receive after the shoot?

This is a very good and popular question, and rightly so as a customer you want to know what the times scales are after the shoot and what you will receive as part of the package or can you optionally buy additional images or products etc.

In our Portrait Packages you will receive all the edited images on a online gallery, this will allow the client to have access to a password protected gallery (which stays live for 1 year from the day of the shoot), from here the client can download the full resolution images (no branding stamps etc) these can be shared on all social media platforms from a single click and also your album can get downloaded as a single action from the gallery. We decided on this as the current climate CDs and memory stick are becoming less useful as laptops and smart phones /tablets dont have USB access or CD drives and this will allow you to view your gallery on any device at anytime.

We normally say that all the images are sorted and edited and uploaded to the gallery within 2 weeks of the date of the shoot but this is discussed at the end of the session and we will keep in touch from start to finish.

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