An update on our new studio

Its been a little while since we have spoke about our new studio and we wanted to take the time to share what we have been doing in these uncertain times.

The studio is still on going. We now have a sealed room and we have stripped the room so that we have the bare structure ready to be added with our requirements. Our new studio and office will be located here and will become the Head Quarters of JellyBean Creations.

We still have work to complete, and with the current situations we have had to put a hold to certain parts of the build due to work force and materials.

With these hurdles we have still kept moving forward, things are starting up again to get us back on track.

Whats next…

The next part of the project is to get the electrics in and then walls plastered. This will then allow us to create our perfect working surface which we can start to create the studio and our office.

We have been working with local businesses and builders to be able to keep the project going and this has allowed us to keep money in the community allow us to also get an outstanding service and I want to say a thank you for all the trades that have helped us so far with this build.

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