Another Studio Update

Get the latest from our Studio build

It’s been a while since we have put a post up and that been due to illness and recovery and we apologies for this.

We are now all good and back into the working program to get the studio moving again.

I am happy to saw that all the plastering has now been completed in the studio and Office and also in the hallway areas has been plastered. We have now coated the whole room in Magnola paint as a base layer on the plaster and it starting to look like a room.

This is a huge step forward and we cant wait to get the studio open so we can start taking bookings and to also do our open day to get you all some great ‘Special’ deals for a thank you for your patience in the building process.

The next stage of the build is to now get the floor levelled ready for the flooring to be installed in the studio and office.

As with everything we are aiming to get this done ASAP, however with the current climate and financially we are moving as quickly as we can to get this project completed.

We will continue to post updates as they happen and we will get images up shortly of the process so you can see what and how the project is changing day by day.

Thanks again for following the project and blog and look forward to sharing more about the project and the ideas we have that the studio is going to be used for.