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This category is all about photography and how this is part of our creative collection at JellyBean Creations.

Photography has been a main skill from the beginning and that isn’t about to change now for JellyBean Creations.

Covering photography throughout Gloucestershire from Weddings to Portraiture, Events and Maternity and NewBorn Photography.

I blog about work inside JellyBean Creations and helpful hints and tips.

I do this to help people to get more our of their cameras and photography.

Having been into photography since I was little. I have been given a photograph from parents, a little boy with a camera in my hand this went everywhere.

Photography is a passion and growing from a hobby to a career. You can read more on my about page of the JellyBean Creations website.

What camera should I buy?

What camera should I buy ?
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What type of Photographer am I…

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