Kick Start your Monday

Kick Start your Monday

Welcome everyone to the start of a new week, I know with current livings things have changed a lot for everyone and also businesses too. We need to all stay positive and use this time to get things sorted that we normally wouldn’t have the time to do or do efficiently. So I am going to help you Kick Start your Monday.

I decided that it was time to get all my tax return paperwork together ready to take to my accountant to allow me to get the financial year all wrapped up. I would say that this time is great to get the admin work of the business done, allow you to use your time in creative ways to find new avenue’s or to improve current procedures.


Here are JellyBean Creations we have been managing our time with new website design for the site with the addition of new services for us and needing to have content written for these pages.

Along with many other business around the UK at the moment we are all not trading or are running reduced services and here at JellyBean Creations we have decided that we are dealing with email and phone inquiries but we have had to put a hold on photo shoots on hold due to the restriction laws.


Over the past 6 weeks I would like to say that many businesses have had to change to allow them to continue running and I would like to say that technology is finally getting the use it should have always got. For example video calls and unified comms, these technologies have been around for years but its great to see people using them everyday to contact clients and suppliers.

I would also like to say that these technologies are allowing many of us to be able to virtually be around family at a time where everyone needs support. Its also great to see platforms like SnapChat being used to create fun time with family, friends and loved ones. Nothing will but a smile on our face than seeing a Brother, Sister, Parent or loved one as a dancing bee or a teddy bear.

Supporting the NHS

I would like to take the time, as I believe so would many others to show support to our NHS service for all the work they are doing at the moment, they are working day in day out in very stressed environments to help our country and I know people are showing their support every Thursday nights. I would also like to say that I know staying home isn’t everyones cup of tea but we need to keep it up to help the NHS and the country overcome this virus so that we can finally start to return back to a normality of day to day life.

As a dad of two girls I want to keep my family safe but I would like to say that this time at home has really offered a life lesson to me as I dont normally get a lot of time at home due to work but its made me realize that behind every business is a family, and happy families make for happy futures.

So please, #stayathome #staysafe and lets pull through this together as families so that we can all meet back up soon and laugh about the hard times. And with that please stay safe and look after each other. Stay safe.

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