New things are coming…

So what is this, New things are coming… all about

New things are coming and I cant wait to tell you all about it, its a dream I have wanted to come true for years.

So this weeks post is different it has been a crazy few months for us with moving into the new house and the current COVID-19 restrictions. We have finally got everything settled along with new business addresses changed on everything but we are now settled and unpacked.

New Studio and Office

So after some discussion and some convincing I have decided that I am going to convert our new garage to a studio/office for JellyBean Creations, this is a huge excitement for me as I have always wanted to have my own studio and I finally get to make that dream come true. It is still in the early stages of thinking things through but as time moves on we will be getting quotes to start the work so that we can get all the studio installed and running for some shoots.

Over the past 5 years I have been renting studios and there is nothing wrong with that as it allowed me to have professional space to shoot in and allow me to check out different studios and its helped me picture what I would like in my studio.

I will say its not cheap but moving forward its the best step forward for the business as this will allow me to have a consistent studio to shoot from and I can finally stick to one place for all my studio work.

I have come across a few companies that will be able to help me get my studio all laid out and stocked so that I wont need to keep hauling large amounts of backdrops and lighting and props around. The first of the companies I found, I have used before many times and I have spoken to them a few times at The Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC but for anyone that is looking for photography equipment it a great place to start and these guys know their stuff and can help you find the tool you are looking for.

One final note…

I would like to thank everyone for their help and support over the past month or so as its been busy and has put some challenges in front of us but with all your help and support we have got through them and all is back on track again.

If you have an event coming up and you need a Photography please drop us a line either via email or by our social media pages and get a free quote to see how easy and cost effective to have a family run business as your photographer for your special event.

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