Payments & Promotions

Payments & Promotions

Hi everyone, just a quick update to keep you up to scratch with everything that is happening inside JellyBean Creations. The latest addition is Payments & Promotions to allow us to easily sell products and services.

Card Payments

We have made the decision that a large percentage of purchases are being made on cards as cash seems to falling behind. So as of November we are now accepting payments for all of our services here at JellyBean Creations.

We did research of all the providers currently on the market and we managed to get it down to 2 companies, the main goals to achieve was:

  • Simple for clients to pay
  • No fix contract
  • Keep transaction fee’s low
  • Able to accept all major cards including wireless pay for Apple Pay and Google Pay

I am happy to say that we finally decided to go with SumUp, this ticked all the boxes for the criteria and it had the lowest transaction fee’s (at the time of purchase October 2019).

I went for the Air Card Reader, this was also on a discount at the time of purchase, this was recommended by a few businesses that I have contact with and it came with excellent reviews.

If you would like to find out more about SumUp you can find out all the information you need to help you make a great business decision.


We have decided to get a tighter grip on extending our forms of advertising, I decided to use RIPL this would allow us to get marketing across all of our social media sites and allow us to uniform the posts.

I soon started to realize that a form of advertising that I hadn’t adapted to yet was videos and now was going to be the turning point for that.

Our social media followers will have noticed that we are posting regularly with RIPL and we have now started to create short promotional videos for all of our services offered by JellyBean Creations.

All of the videos we create for JellyBean Creations will be hosted on our YouTube Channel as this is the best framework out there to host the video so that they can be accessed by any device and anywhere in the world.

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