Poses in Photography

The technique of posing in photography.

A guide to poses in portrait photography that helps all photographers.

Having been a photographer for 6 years to date of writing this post, I have finally become more confident and fluent with posing clients in front of the camera.

This can be hard for a photographer as most of the time we are asking clients and models to pose in a way that is hard to describe in words. To be fair most photographers struggle with this because we are always the other side of the camera and dont have the posing skill to be in front of the camera.

The gap here is to become ‘poses skilled’ as a photographer so that you can aid, help and assist your client to get that desired pose for the shoot.


Here are a few helpful tips that have help me become more confident as a portrait photographer.

  • Have the model look over their shoulder to camera.
  • The use of hands – hands are rarely visible in portraits but they help tell a story or mood of a photo.
  • Use of Triangles – triangles are strong shapes and used well in photography they portray strength in the image.
  • Try photographing at the same level as the client, this is inviting for the viewers.
  • Shoot from ground level – this looks stunning and is a ‘go to’ pose weather its in the studio or out on location.
  • Angles – portrait photography doesn’t mean the client has to be looking at the camera.

I hope these few simple tips will help you with your portrait photography and another helpful hint is to have a ‘posing cheat sheet’ in your studio so you can quickly show your client the poses so that they can visualize the poses rather than having it described verbally to them. 

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