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Project NKB Training for

Project NKB Training was a re-design the website for NKB Training, a Personal Trainer and Coach in Cheltenham offering Biomechanics services.

I was approached by Nicola-Kate Banks to re-design her business website NKB Training. The Key Focus was to update website and to incorporate a new logo and business colours which would match the businesses social media links. In doing this to increase website popularity to clients and also to Google.

Starting Point

Firstly, the project started with a number of face meetings to discuss project goal and achievements, key goals and interests to make sure the re-design could achieve all the needs by Nicola for the business.

Secondly, the key areas of the project was discussed and listed to help both myself and Nicola focus and agree the re-design of the new website. From this the list below was constructed.

  1. Logo Re-Design
  2. Website Re-Design
  3. Update of services listed on website
  4. Social media links on website
  5. Pricing List of updated services for website
  6. Addition of Google maps to Business and website

Thirdly, with all the above discussed and agreed I could now start to create some designs to submit back to Nicola.

1. Logo Re-Design

I started with the Logo Re-Design, I did it this way because it would help Nicola not only to achieve a goal of a New Logo, but to gain and create a new online presence for the business of NKB Training, and this is very important.

Firstly, I started with asking that the Logo needed to look like, for example colours, imagery and wording, from this I would come up with designs that I could submit back to Nicola for critiquing I was told that the new logo needed to include a dragonfly and the colours needed to be turquoise.

I finally submitted my designs back to Nicola and I got the go ahead to produce a design I had submitted and I am happy to show you all the finalized logo we both agreed on for NKB training.

New NKB Training Logo form JellyBean Cretions
New NKB Training Logo from JellyBean Creations

2,3,4,5. The Re-Design and Implementation.

Next I was the website re-design, this was made easier as the content was provided for me and I needed to re-design the website to include the new Logo from above. Nicola wanted to continue using WordPress as per her existing website as this made it easier for her to maintain and add to.

I now knew the colours and logo for the business and I needed to include all the social media links.

Once I added the social media links required for the business I needed to tackle the services and pricing to the new website. Once this had been collected and put into the new format and added to the site we could move on.

NKB Training Home Page
NKB Training Home Page

6. Google Maps

Now we have to create the business on Google so we can create a google maps business for Nicola, this is fairly simple just need to create an account with Google Business and fill in details and images etc and wait for Google to approve this.

Once done you will be able to create a Google Maps Widget that you can plug into WordPress allowing users and clients to show where they are based or what areas they cover, this will also allow customers to get directions to you.

NKB Training Google Map
NKB Training Google Map

At this point the website is then tested in all browsers and on all devices to make sure the content is displayed as it should be and a report of all testing and changes that have been corrected is then compiled.

We then hand it all over to the client and this gets checked and any changes can be made here to allow for everyone to be happy and any further issues can then be added to a snagging list which are then processed to complete the process.

NKB Training Footer
NKB Training Footer

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