Steve Bull MBE meets Alf Taylor

Steve Bull MBE meets Alf Taylor

Hi Everyone, I want to share a little personal post today that was arranged for my Dad (Alf Taylor) to meet the legend Steve Bull MBE in person. Now my dad is a HUGE Wolves fan and he was a season ticket holder in the SouthBank stand for many many years and when we moved to Cheltenham it made it harder for my dad to travel to the Molineux every week, he has visited many times and was also there when they open the new NorthBank stand.

We planned for Steve Bull MBE to come to Cheltenham and visit my dad as he was working at Parklands Community Centre on Sunday 6th September and I am so grateful for Steve and Kirsty in agreeing to travel to use to make this surprise so special.

What can I say, the look on my dads face as the legend Steve Bull MBE walked into the Parklands Community Centre and walked to the bar to meet him.

Steve came and spent an hour with my dad and chatting about football, I can honestly say you really did make my dad’s birthday and we cant thank you enough. Steve also took the time to sign some shirts for us and also left Parklands Community Centre with a signed used glass for the centre.

Signed shirt from Steve Bull MBE
Alf Taylor and Steve Bull MBE
Taylor Lads and Steve Bull MBE

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