Studio Update

Progress on the Studio

Hi Everyone, I know we haven’t posted for a while but we have been working on the studio to try and get it open for you all. The current pandemic hasn’t helped and is still causing us some issue as regards to getting trades in and having to prioritise which trade needs to be in first to get the puzzle pieces to start to slot together.

But we have now got the cabling for the power in and the room has been plasterboard and plastered and we are now just waiting for the electrician to come and connect up all the cabling to a new breaker in the fuse board so that we have separate from the other electrics in the building.

Once this is complete we are then going to address the flooring, which we need to level and raise slightly and we can then start to get the room carpeted.

We cant wait to get this open to the public and we will be in touch with all the people that messaged on the Facebook page back in August and there will be a special opening event and you will all be invited and we cant wait to get you in.

We are not sure on a date yet as there is still work going on and we are unsure of restrictions that may come our way but we are and will continue to move forward to make this dream of mine come true and allow me to get studio shoots for people to book.

Thanks again thank you all for the support you have given me and we look forward to seeing you all very soon for come fun portrait photography.

If you are looking for some portrait photography or would like to get a family portrait session or even a ‘cake smash’ booked in to get those special moments captured from what we can all pretty much agree on has been a not so fun year so far then jump over to our site using the link below and see what we can off you to make everyone smile.

We can offer all types of portrait photography so why not get in touch today to see what we can do and how it can put a smile on your face. Get in touch today to see how we can you achieve happy moments in photography form.

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