The importance of choosing the correct photographer

Choosing the correct photographer

The things you need to know when booking your wedding day – The importance of choosing the correct photographer

Wedding Photography.

As a bride and groom you arrange all the services and bits for your special day and one of those services is Wedding Photography and its important to choose the correct photographer and here are some of the things I would say to look over in my handy post The importance of choosing the correct photographer.

Style of Photography.

There are 3 main styles of wedding photography Reportage/Journalistic wedding photography, Traditional wedding photography and finally contemporary wedding photography.

1. Reportage/Journalistic Wedding Photography

Reportage/Journalistic style of wedding photography isn’t a new style of photography its been used for years and over the past few years its become popular with brides and grooms as it allows them to have a photographer at their wedding photography and the objective for the photographer is to capture the day in a story from the getting ready and capturing the hype of the run up to the wedding ceremony.

The photographer photographs around the wedding without interacting to get photos, they would capture moments as the day progresses. This can help feel easier if they are not photogenic, rather than having a photographer ask to pose a certain way or to have to look directly at the camera causing uncomfortable situation for everyone.

2. Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography also known as Posed or Classic wedding photography this is what most people think of when they think about wedding photography, in a short description Traditional Photography is posed photographs outside the church door after or before the ceremony, groups shots of the whole family and friends and guests as a single image.

The main difference of this style is photographers would very rarely take candid shots of guests or couple they focus on the key moments of the wedding ceremony. This involves the photographer interacting with the couple a lot throughout the wedding making sure poses and images are captured at specific moments of the day or ceremony.

3. Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary photography is a style brought forward by the fashion industry where the photographer would aim on creating high impact photographs, striking images of the bride or groom at various scenes of the wedding venue. This style of photography can sometimes lose the original feeling and environment of the wedding day, the images may not capture your friends and family laughing with you but more of posed images outside keys buildings with dramatic lighting to create a fashion enthused image.

Connecting with a photographer

Its best to make a personal connection with the photographer you have choose which is dictated by the style of photography you are looking for, we always meeting our clients even at the point of inquiry as this helps the couple know who they are booking or asking to capture their special day.

We would also check that from the day you book your photographer you have direct contact details so you can get in-touch with them so you can ask questions, run ideas past them and update them with the running schedule of the day allowing everyone to know what the day entails.

Know your budget

One key focus when looking for a photographer is if you have a budget to stick too keep that in mind, there is always more than one photographer in your local area ans everyone can offer different packages to suit your needs.

Don’t feel that the photographer is dictating the photography package you should pay for, take what they are suggesting and speak it over with your partner, family etc this will make sure that you are getting exactly what you need and what for your special day.

Check your photographer out

Before making the final choice of photographer for your special day look at their website and take a look over their portfolio or ask to see images of weddings they photographed in your area.

This is help you see the photographers style and strengths when photographing a wedding. One key fact I say to all my clients is that an images cannot lie, if you dont like what you see when looking at a portfolio its best to look around to see if there is a photographer out there waiting for you so you can relax and get a photographer that will always keep you up-to-date on things leading up to the special day or even during and after the special day.

The importance of choosing the correct photographer

Hope this has helped you and for information can help you find your perfect photographer for your wedding day.

Scott Taylor – JellyBean Creations

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