The tools of my trade

What editing software do I use…

As a photographer I have chosen to use the Adobe suite for editing my photographs. I mainly use Lightroom and Photoshop to manage and manipulate my images. Both pieces of software are bundled together in a handy package from Adobe.

The handy thing about adobe’s packages are that they are charged monthly which makes them very affordable and can be cancelled at any point, if needed.

The benefit to this is the software is cross platform so it will work on both Windows and Mac environments. Adobe also added the bonus that you can also use it on mobile and tablet devices. This is a advantage as you can edit on the move or at venues if needed.

Lightroom – Adobe

I use Lightroom for my photo management, its the first place all my images get put into and you can store, arrange and manage all your photographs.

The RAW’s can be imported into the software from either connecting the camera or by connecting the CF or SD cards to the computer. You can also tag the images for better search capability. Plus you can sort all the images into various albums for better management. 

I also use lightroom to edit my images. There is a huge arrangement of tools to allow you to edit images from exposure changes, Contrast and White Balance correction.

Photoshop – Adobe

I use Photoshop for image manipulation, for editing out unwanted objects or corrections such as skin smoothing and whitening.

Photoshop can be used for a lot of manipulation from blending images to image stacking.

Lightroom and Photoshop work hand in hand, you can pass the image from one program to the other to make sure all progress changes are kept up to date in both programs.


Looking at both Lightroom and Photoshop looks intimidating due to the modules and amount of tools at the users disposal for image editing. I have found that Adobe offer a learning hub to help users learn and gain knowledge for free. – Tutorials for all areas of editing your images. – Handy forum for all users to use and ask for help. – Youtube channel with handy videos. – The School of Photography – One stop shop for all your photography courses.

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