What camera should I buy?

What camera gear should I buy?

A question I am asked when i’m on a shoot or when with friends or when I’m out and about is What camera gear should I buy?, and to be honest its hard to give an answer as I always seem to reply to their question with a question. My reply is ‘What do you want the camera to do?’ this is because it will impact how you use or carry it around.

In the camera world you have DSLRs, Full Frame and Crop Sensor, we now have mirror less cameras and I have to be honest its all about preference, I always say the best way to find out whats best for you is to go to a camera shop and try them out.

There are many shops you can go to and they will allow you to have a go with the camera, in some cases they will allow you to take the camera out on a test run, this is a great way to really find what works for you and what doesn’t.

I would recommend try places like Jessops or London Camera Exchange they are great places to start and this leads me on to my biggest piece of advice…

Buy second hand

I save this every time to friends and family and people who email or approach me on social media, find out what your budget is that you would like to spend on a camera and they go to places like London Camera Exchange, MPB, Ebay or your local newspaper ads and look for second hand equipment.

The reason I say this to people is you may only be able to afford an entry level DSLR new and thats great but you will out grow it and then want to trade it in for a Pro Level DSLR and I always say to them that you will be surprised what comes up for sale on the second hand market as people are always out there to have the latest creation from Canon or Nikon and thats great because it gives opportunity for beginners or enthusiasts to get hold of a second hand Pro DSLR for the price of a new entry level DSLR.

These second hand camera’s also come with warranty so I would look around as even if you use it for 6 months and then choose it isn’t for you, or you choose you want to upgrade that second hand Pro DSLR is going to have a better resale value than they entry level DSLR so in my head its a win win scenario.

 Canon or Nikon ??? 

How could I write a post without mentioning this question, which I also get asked a lot. My response is simple I am not sponsored by either manufacturer and they are both amazing brands and I have shot with both and the only advice I can offer you is go and try them both, you will soon start to know which is comfortable or user friendly to you ! and thats important, if you are going to be photographing weddings, events and portraits you want to be comfortable in using the system/tool in you hand easily without have to stop and look it up every 2 seconds.

Yes I am a Canon guy, I shoot with 3 cameras in fact, I have my Canon 5D MK1 my full frame camera I use every shoot without fail, then I have my Canon 30D a crop sensor camera but in a Pro body, I use this on every shoot too, and to round it all off if my first ever DSLR, I still have it and use it today as it was a gift from my Wife and it still comes with me as it has advantages over my 30D which is also a crop sensor DSLR and that is my Canon 550D.

 Knowing where to invest your money 

 When I started out I was given a great piece of advise and I still live by it today and I want to share it with you too, 

Put your money into the glass…

Scott Taylor Photographer at JellyBean Creations

Simply put, invest your money into good, reliable, professional lenses as these lenses will stay with you and if you choose to change your camera body (as long as you stay with the same brand) the lenses will fit and work and you wont have to buy a whole new camera set-up.

But Lenses are a post for another time, I hope this has helped you with answering questions you may have. 

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