What type of Photographer am I…

What type of Photographer am I…

So if you have ever wondered What type of Photographer am I… here is the answer.

My photography career started as a Wedding Photographer for JS Photography, and here is where I found my passion as a Wedding Photographer and this has continued to grow even more when I start JellyBean Creations back in 2014. Weddings are an interesting area of photography as you get to meet new people everyday and get to become part of their lives, you are there with them whilst plans for the wedding is being made and you are there at the point of marriage and this is amazing as you get to connect with Bride and Groom’s.

It is this connection that has always made me fascinated with Wedding Photography as you get to the start of joint life of a couple. I always try to make a connection with the couple because as a photographer there are other important times in the couples lives that will create memories and memories as always worth capturing. 

Style of Photographer

As with everything style is a big part of making yourself ‘Unique’ and I class myself as a ‘Journalistic’ photographer. The reason for this is I capture important moments in time and record them as memories so that my clients can life them back over and over again.

Just a Wedding Photographer ?

I get asked this a lot and the answer is very simple, no I cover all areas of photography but my primary area is and has always been weddings. This is mainly because before I was a photographer I worked for a local band that covered weddings, I was the Roadie and DJ for The Chip Shop Boys which has meant I have been in the wedding industry for many years. This has helped be grow the skills of working in the industry.I also cover other areas of photography such as Portraiture, Events and Newborn Photography along with mobile Photo Booths for events and celebrations. 

More information and examples of my work for these areas of photography can be found in my Portfolio.