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Website Design

The JellyBean Creations web design package has been designed to get you up and running from start to finish, from the early design stages of the site through to hosting and site uploading and testing and to include the very important SEO to make sure you and your site is best optimized for searches to deliver your website to prospective clients.

The package includes everything you need and offer extensive testing of the site before we go live to make sure that everything is perfect and everyone is happy with the design concept and the functionality of the site before we get it all signed off. We run a very intensive testing process list on all of our sites no matter if its a site re-design or new design from the ground up.

How Does it work ?

The initial meeting is to sit down and discuss the requirements for the project, from this a plan and quotation will be produced and agreed before any design or creation is done.

Once this has all been agreed and accepted we will arrange a second meeting to go through ideas, content, logo's, imagery etc, this is so that we when start to produce a design with real content to work with so you see a real life demo of what your online presence will look like. The design stage now starts and we will be in-touch regularly to make sure everything is ok and you are happy with the progress. Once the design is complete we will arrange to meet to show the design. This is the point where any minor changes can be discussed and changed so that we can finalize the design ready for building.


We can offer hosting or we can work with your current web hosting provider if you have one and prefer to use that. There is benefits both sides to having us host or the client arranging their own hosting, mainly because if the hosting is done by use its ll in house and it a one stop shop for all issues and corrections. This doesn't mean that using the clients own hosting is bad it just means that you will own everything about the hosting and we will just create a login to do the build work for the new site.


With your new website you will get a warranty period to make sure the website is running correctly after the creation stage and when the site is handed over to the client. We can also offer a maintenance packages in this you will get regular update to wordpress include so that you are always running the latest version with all the security patches applied to make sure the site is secure.

So what does this cost ?

The website design package starts from £375 this includes:

Meetings (Before, during and after)
Implementation of the agreed design
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the new site for search engines
Testing of the new site (Reports will be produced)
Handover of completed website and documentation

*additional costs for setting up hosting if needed.
**additional cost for domain name
***additional cost for maintenance package (if required by client)